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Kettler Massage Stick is designed to mimic the work of a massage therapist and give you nearly all of the same benefits you would receive from actually going to one. It’s also crafted in such a way that enables you to administer the massage yourself, even when trying to reach your back. Benefit of using Kettler Massage Stick:

  • Flexibility - If you stretch the muscles while they are still warm after a workout they are less likely to get tight and shorten.
  • Circulation - As pressure is applied and rolled forward it creates a suction in the veins. Which helps to draw in more blood that is fresh and full of oxygen and nutrients.
  • Pain Reduction - You can pinpoint knots, and sore muscles with the stick. By rolling out these sore areas pain is relieved.
  • Sleep Improvement - Massage has been known to improve the quality and quantity of sleep a person can achieve. Relaxation is crucial for REM sleep.
  • Muscle Growth and Repair - Greater circulation provides more nutrients to the muscles. In order for muscles to grow or repair they need glycogen. Blood flow can be restricted post-exercise due to trigger points and tight muscles.

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